From a young age I have had an artistic eye and an interest in photography. I have always appreciated and admired the work and art put in to photos. I would marvel at shots in National Geographic and other magazines, my mind always studying the light and compositions.  I had a film camera in my teens, and later a Sony digital that had a great lens but only produced 5 megapixel images. The early days of digital.   In 2014 I decided to get serious by purchasing my first high end DSLR gear, and really learning how to shoot and edit. Since then I've shot thousands of images, and have had a great time doing it! I continue to learn and grow as a photographer, and look forward to many more shoots and adventures.

Besides photography, I enjoy mountain biking, snowboarding and rock climbing. All 3 of which I've been doing since the mid 90s. More recently, rafting has joined that list. I enjoy all of these things because of the challenge but more because they put me in situations and environments that I would not normally be in. Moments where my appreciation of nature and our earth is maximized, and I feel vital and alive.

Photography also has that element. To transport to another place, and to appreciate our world and the people in it. The challenge is to capture not only what's in front of the lens, but that feeling I have when I take them. If you the viewer feel even some of that energy, that moment, then I consider the image a success.

My main gig is as a freelance web designer, of over 11 years now. Find me at RogueEasyWeb.com. I also do product photography.


I enjoy shooting landscapes, but also would like to do more "adventure documentation". Following along and covering the action and story on any adventure you can come up with.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions about hiring me, ordering prints, or just to say Hi.

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